The Quest for the Dragon Scimitar

I had always wanted a dragon scimitar, ever since I saw one in the hands of a high-level player. It looked so cool and powerful, and I heard it was one of the best weapons for melee combat. I had saved up enough money to buy one from the Grand Exchange, but there was a catch: I needed to complete the Monkey Madness quest first.

Monkey Madness was notorious for being one of the hardest and longest quests in RuneScape. It involved traveling to a dangerous island full of hostile monkeys, infiltrating their temple, rescuing a kidnapped gnome, and fighting a giant demon. It also required a lot of skill and preparation, such as having high combat levels, good gear, potions, food, and a greegree, a magical item that could transform me into a monkey.

I decided to take on the challenge, even though I was nervous and scared. I followed a guide online that told me what to do and where to go. I started by talking to King Narnode Shareen in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, who told me that his royal guard had gone missing on a mission to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the 10th Squad. He asked me to find them and bring them back.

I agreed to help, and he gave me a royal seal and a glider pilot's helmet. I put on the helmet and boarded the glider, which took me to the crash site on Karamja. There, I met a gnome named Lumdo, who told me that the 10th Squad had gone to Ape Atoll, an island ruled by monkeys. He said he could take me there, but only if I had a monkey talisman and some monkey bones.

I had to get those items from the nearby jungle, where I had to fight and kill some monkeys. It was not easy, as they were agile and aggressive, and sometimes they would gang up on me. I managed to get the talisman and the bones, and brought them back to Lumdo. He then took me to Ape Atoll on a small boat.

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by a barrage of arrows and spears from the monkey guards. They did not like intruders, and they would attack anyone who was not a monkey. I quickly ran to the south, where I found a gnome named Zooknock. He was the mage of the 10th Squad, and he told me that he could make me a greegree, which would allow me to blend in with the monkeys.

He said he needed three things: a monkey skull, a monkey corpse, and the monkey talisman. I had to get the skull and the corpse from the monkey graveyard, which was full of undead monkeys and monkey zombies. It was a creepy and dangerous place, and I had to be careful not to get caught by the guards. I managed to get the skull and the corpse, and brought them back to Zooknock, along with the talisman.

He then used his magic to craft me a greegree, which looked like a small monkey head. He told me to equip it, and I did. To my surprise, I transformed into a monkey. I felt weird and different, but also relieved. I could now walk around Ape Atoll without being attacked.

I then went to the north, where I found the rest of the 10th Squad. They were hiding in a cave, and they were glad to see me. They told me that they had been captured by the monkeys, and that they had escaped with the help of a friendly monkey named Kruk. They also told me that the leader of the monkeys, King Awowogei, had a prisoner in his temple, and that it was none other than Daero, the commander of the 10th Squad.

They said they had a plan to rescue him, but they needed my help. They said I had to infiltrate the temple, and find a way to free Daero. They also warned me that the temple was guarded by a powerful demon named Jungle Demon, and that I had to be ready to face him.

I agreed to help, and they gave me some instructions. They said I had to go to the monkey child, who was playing outside the temple, and ask him to be my friend. He would then give me a monkey nut, which I had to use to bribe a monkey guard, who would let me enter the temple. They also said I had to find a monkey named Karam, who was a spy for the 10th Squad, and he would help me inside the temple.

I followed their plan, and it worked. I befriended the monkey child, who gave me a monkey nut. I then used it to bribe a monkey guard, who let me enter the temple. I then found Karam, who told me that Daero was locked up in a cell on the top floor of the temple. He said he had a key, but he needed a distraction to get past the other guards.

He said I had to go to the altar, where King Awowogei was performing a ritual, and sabotage it. He said I had to use a banana on the altar, which would anger the king and the monkeys, and cause a commotion. He said he would then use the opportunity to sneak past the guards and free Daero.

I did as he said, and it worked. I used a banana on the altar, which made King Awowogei furious. He shouted and cursed, and the monkeys went into a frenzy. They started to chase me, and I ran for my life. I managed to escape the temple, and I met Karam and Daero outside. They thanked me for saving them, and they told me to meet them at the glider.

I followed them, and we boarded the glider, which took us back to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. There, we met King Narnode Shareen, who was overjoyed to see his royal guard back. He praised me for my bravery and skill, and he rewarded me with a lot of experience and gold. He also gave me a special item: a dragon scimitar.

I was ecstatic. I had finally got the weapon I had always wanted. It was shiny and sharp, and it felt great in my hands. I equipped it, and I felt a surge of power. I had completed the Monkey Madness quest, and I had earned the dragon scimitar. I was proud of myself, and I was ready for more adventures.